Thursday, August 13, 2009

Too many good blogs to read

Ani and me at the computer

So, every summer I pretty much find myself with some sort of crazy whirlwind project to occupy my days, hours, and minutes until I am back in the classroom again, cheerfully (if nervously) greeting three sets of 30-36 sixth graders. Last summer it was MySpace, the summer before that was YouTube and I think the summer before that I was hellbent on buying a condo (thank goodness THAT didn't happen!) in Long Beach.

This time I have Jon to thank for introducing me to Google Reader, which has inspired me to scoop up, collect, gather, and organize hundreds upon hundreds of blogs pertaining to my many and varied interests. At first I was fine, just looking at some knitting/crochet blogs and pictures of adorable animals on Cute Overload. Then I found that I could subscribe to all my Redfin searches and watch the local housing market on blogs like Santa Monica Distress Monitor and Dr. Housing Bubble. Next I realized I could subscribe to Etsy Storque articles and get tips on how to get my shop off the ground. Then I started finding Etsy artists' blogs, and one blog led to another and now, like I say, I have more than could possibly be read in one lifetime. Seeing all these great blogs inspired me to start this one, and so far I've just been trying to get the "hang of things" in the blogosphere.

Today I would just like to highlight two bloggers that I have come across so far and enjoyed catching up on their multitude of posts. The first one is Artnlight, written by Vineeta in Mumbai, India. As I was going through her previous posts, I found myself starring almost every single one, the images she uses are so colorful and vivid. Just my style--Indian style! Like this picture she took inside the Amber Fort (a place I would like to know more about, it's beautiful!):

Isn't it incredible? I'm not sure of blog etiquette, like if I can post pictures from someone else's blog as long as I give them credit, but I hope it's okay to do that.

The second blog I have enjoyed reading through the last couple of days is Artsyville, by Aimee in Lawrence, Kansas. Since I haven't had a chance to write for permission to reprint any of her pictures, I'll just put the link to her blog and her Etsy shop. She does the most colorful art/thought doodles and even writes about her daily life in a colorful way. (Boy, am I glad I don't have two little ones at home to make such a mess! Wait a minute, I am always cleaning up after my two little ones, but they're kitties not kiddies.)

I am so inspired to make this blog something interesting and beautiful like these two mentioned above, but so far all I keep doing since I got back is reading other people's blogs instead of writing my own. Oh well, all in it's own time.

I just love how these two people are from such different parts of the world than I am, and how, as of a few days ago, I didn't even know they existed. Yet now I know about them and we have such similar loves, thoughts, and passions. I guess it's time to let them know I am here, too and to take this baby blog out of it's shelter and into the larger playpen of the web.

Thanks for listening/reading.


  1. Susan, thanx for the mention. Welcome to blogging :) This is beautiful space & it has changed my life. Wishing the same for you!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention and welcome to blogland! Like Vineeta (whose blog I love) said, it is life changing. Blogging is a daily reminder to take a look at what's going on around you, to document it in some way, and to learn and grow from each post. Most of all just have fun with it! :) aimee