Monday, August 17, 2009

Noah and the Bike of Sweat and Doom

Listen to my tale (tail?) of getting exercise at home.

My bike had been sitting outside on the balcony for years, unused, unloved, and rapidly deteriorating due to the ocean breeze that made it impossible to keep a cover on it and the dust, dirt, and grime of overlooking an alley. For our one year anniversary of knowing each other, I asked Jon (the bike expert--go talk to him if you have any bike or cycling questions, he's definitely the treasure house of knowledge) if he would fix up my bike and put it on the stationary device so I could ride it indoors.

After taking it to the shop and having numerous parts replaced and/or polished up, I came home one day to find it set up and waiting for me. So inviting...

I was so excited to be able to get a good workout without even having to leave the house. Now, finally, I will get back in shape again! I set my computer to play the perfect soundtrack for my workouts: 30-34 minute podcasts from Beatport Burners. They kick my butt making me keep up with their high-paced rhythms. I alternate between standing, sitting, and sprinting.

However, this is what happens more often than not during the sprinting part

Thus, the oh-so-appropo title of this post: my sweat (or exercise moisture as it's called in the book I'm reading, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) leads to Noah's doom. He can't help himself, he is puuuuuulllllled towards the bike pedals, especially when I pick up speed. I've even clocked him on the head a couple of times when I couldn't stop fast enough to avoid it. Maybe he enjoys the breeze the circulating pedal creates, maybe he wants to do some riding of his own, I don't know what goes through his little head. But curiosity won't be allowed to kill this cat. I'm thinking of knitting a little bike helmet for him. What do you think, would that help?

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