Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bend - Day Nine

Pretty low key day today. We had a brief thunderstorm this afternoon/evening. Although it only lasted a short time, it was gorgeous.

And I thought of a new project to make, so Jon took me back to the yarn store to get more yarn. Now I have patronized both yarn stores in Bend (I feel so accomplished). This project was born out of my own need as I've been doing a lot of hiking the last week or so. Can you guess what they're for?

Oh so practical...

Now I can keep my camera bag for my camera and have a separate carrier specially designed for my water bottle. I call it--the Watergirl (or Waterboy for the more manly colors). Got lots of yarn, so I'm going to be making tons of them!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bend - Days Seven & Eight

So I know this doesn't sound like a thing to do on vacation, but I had been thinking about getting a new computer to replace the one I got when I started at UCLA (11 years ago!) and seeing as how there's no sales tax up here in Oregon, we went and got this behemoth with a $300 discount. Look how easy it was to set up: 5-4-3-2-1

And blastoff! All done, in like one minute. Didn't feel like doing anything outdoorsy as it's 95 degrees out there and we had quite enough sun the day before, so it was a good day for computer shopping and messing around with it.

I've also been working on my photography, thanks to the books Brenda lent me. This is the one I'm currently reading:

So far it seems like my pictures are getting worse rather than better, since I took the camera off the auto setting. But I did experiment with the Tv and Av modes today at the High Desert Museum and got some pictures I might not have otherwise been able to get. Sorry they're a little blurry, I didn't have a tripod and it was really dark in there.

This poor guy was found in the wild. He had apparently been someone's "kitten" and had been declawed, etc. then released into the wild when he got too big. Way too hot for him today, too!

They had an exhibit on bats, one of my favorite animals. Did you know they eat fruit and then poop out the seeds while flying around, thus seeding entire areas of land?

I thought these guys were kind of cute.

And then, of course our fabulous dinner!

What restaurant do you think cooked up this tasty looking dish?

Nope, we made it right here ourselves! Yummy!!! Too bad I didn't get pictures of lunch--grilled cheese sandwiches with Canadian Extra Sharp Cheddar and a beautiful salad. Next time...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bend - Days Five and Six

Mt. Bachelor - I borrowed this picture from Jon's camera. I didn't go out to watch the race that day (Saturday) because I was still recovering from my urban hike the day before.

Jon watching the downtown crit (bike race) yesterday.

And there they go! (A cool picture Jon took, can't take credit for that one)

Some scenes from our MASSIVE walk around town today:

I love this house/condo/apartment. I forgot to take pictures of Gossamer, the yarn store we were headed to around the corner. And that reminds me I forgot to mention the other yarn store that we went to on Wednesday, Juniper Fiberworks, where all the yarn was organized by color. Quite a huge selection, but I didn't buy anything from them... yet!

Then we went to the Old Mill District.

Another house I love

Can you spot the butterfly?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bend - Day Three

Everything's just ducky up here!

Went for another hike today along the river and made my way into downtown. Soooo many pictures to share with you...

Then the trail goes through a little neighborhood

Across a bridge and back to the river

A couple of shots from downtown

Then back to the river

There's this house I love up here that's for sale. Guess how much it is?

Still out of my price range, but waaaaaay better than LA!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bend - Day Two

Okay, so I didn't get to really nose around downtown, although we did take a quick car tour so I could figure out where things are.

However, I did take a nice long hike this morning on the Awbrey Reach stretch of the Deschutes River Trail System, so I will share some of the photo highlights of that:

I started out by walking around the golf course.

My two words for the day: "Hello" and "Thank you". First I say "Hello, Mr. Chippy, can I take your picture?" and when he stands still for me I say, "Thank you!"

Oops! Why didn't I wear my hiking shoes???