Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta Day!

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According to an email I got from Thubten Dhargye Ling, July 15th is one of the days traditionally recognized as being the day of the Buddha's first teaching after becoming enlightened.  There is a clear and understandable version of that story about the Middle Way and Four Noble Truths here.

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Reading this, I realized it was a good time to check in and find the areas of my life that are balanced or unbalanced.  Usually, I do not encounter any trouble erring on the ascetic side.  No, the difficulty (probably with many in America as well) is erring on the hedonistic side.  Giving in to our wants, desires, and cravings, just because we can.

One of the things I've decided I need to come back to center on is input vs. output in my life.  I find myself endlessly looking at things on the computer, but then do not give myself the space to process the information or let this percolate into my own ideas that lead me to produce something that is purely my own.  It has been a while since I knitted or made something, aside from dinner every night.

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I find the endless hamster wheel of blogs and websites to be tiring and draining, instead of uplifting and inspirational, because my mind spins in convoluted circles even after the physical run on the wheel is over, and I don't get the rest I need.

So, back I go, into my meditation, my restfulness, to let the ideas calm, to make room for the best ones, hopefully, to rise to the surface.

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So, what about you?  What parts of your life do you feel are off-kilter?  What can you do to bring it back into balance so that you can be a more rested, happier you?  I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lighten Up!

The morning began with my signing up for 4 yoga classes this week at MYC Yoga in downtown Bend for only $20. After the 30 minute walk there, and some help finding it from a local shop worker, I was greeted warmly at the front desk.  Turns out it was Claudia, the teacher's, first day teaching there and I was her only student!  So I got a wonderful one-on-one session in Vinyasa foundation from a lovely German woman.

Next, I mosied up the street to see what else I could find, and lo and behold, the Tangerine Hair Salon I had read about online was right there.  When I asked in the shop about getting an appointment with Chelsea (the hairdresser most recommended online), they went across the street to the Lemon Drop (smaller shop where the original Tangerine used to be) and got her and it turned out I could get in right then and there! 

Quick reminder of the hair before:

After a brief consult about what I wanted, and 5 hours of going back and forth between the sink and styling chairs (still not as bad as the day I had the black stripped out, that took 8 hours),  I came out like so (no heart attacks, please).

Maybe it was my going through the old family photos of me being strawberry blond when I was 2 that inspired it, plus a wanting to "lighten up" for the summer, and being on vacation, but I felt like it was time for a change.  With Chelsea's very capable hands on the job, and her determined patience to do as many steps as the process required to get it right, she pulled the old color out and put the new color and highlights in--I think beautifully!

My final stop of the day was at 900 Wall (as recommended by Chelsea) for "lunch" at 4:30.  Had some nice Happy Hour food (fried green beans and chicken gorgonzola pizza), then began the hike back up the hill to go home and crash, exhausted after my big day.

What do you think of my new strawberry blond 'do?  And while you're at it, tell me a story about a somewhat drastic hair style change you've done.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summerfest in Bend

So, after my 30-Day Shred workout this morning (I tried the Level 2 program today--nearly killed me, think I'm going back to Level 1 tomorrow), I decided to walk to Downtown Bend to check out Summerfest.

It was your typical collection of arts & crafts sellers and local businesses.  Being that it was so hot, after walking up and down a few aisles, I decided to stop in the Pine Tavern for lunch.  The salad and fried oysters I had were quite satisfactory.

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Then, back to perusing booths.  I was tempted to buy some summer/yoga pants at Za Zen, but don't like to buy clothes if I can't try them on first.  There was a bejeweled bracelet that I tried on as well, but then remembered all the bracelets in the drawer at home that I never wear.  Finally, I found the Tumalo Lavender booth, and could resist no longer.  I bought a small lavender dark chocolate bar, a lavender rosemary focaccia bread mix (can't wait to try that out), and a lavender gourmet lemon pepper that is going on our chicken for dinner tomorrow night.  It smells like this:

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After a couple of samples of Riesling at the winery booths and of course, more chocolate, I was on my way for the hike back up Awbrey.  A good, but tiring, afternoon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Still My Heroine, After all These Years

 Photo Credit: Squidney on Homeground via Wikimedia Commons

Kate Bush was and always will be my #1 heroine.  She opened up the music business to women like no other female before or since, and yet, many are still not familiar with her music.  Her dramatic and heartfelt singing and dancing style influenced me no end.  I'm quite sure I owe my ability to stand up in front of a room of 35-100 preteens and hold their attention for more than a few minutes at a time today to my countless hours of watching this woman when I was a teenager.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with her story, you can get it right here--in this short, sweet tribute to her life in music, by Music Matters on Vimeo.

Do you remember some of your heroes from when you were young?  Do those heroes still have an impact on your life today?