Thursday, February 25, 2010

Simplicity & the Art of Focusing

Okay, I'll say it--I think I have finally fallen out of love with Wonderland.  This muddled up mess that is my mind, yanking me this way and that, until I have no sense of direction or point or purpose, really gets in the way.
Picture Credit: Elena Kalis

In the way of what?  In the way of simplicity.  In the way of feeling the pleasure of focusing on one thing at a time.  Is it just me and the way my brain works, or is this a societal problem?  I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one affected.  Or infected, may be a better word for it.  

Twitter this, FB that, inbox stuffed with 125 new emails (and they're not even spam!).  I can't fall asleep at night, lying in bed exhausted, but still feeling the weight of the emails I didn't return, papers I didn't grade, lessons I didn't plan.  

Sometimes, I feel like I am falling, literally falling through space, while I am lying in my bed.  Did you know, there's even a condition called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome for people who get disoriented?
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I find myself whining that there's never enough time to get everything done, feeling as if I'm being pulled in all four directions at once, but really, what are the things I have to do?

Obviously, if I'm to survive with any semblance of sanity left intact, I have to answer my three percolating questions, "What can I let go of in my life?"  "Where have I changed my interests or priorities?"and "What no longer works for me?"

These answers--let go of as much as possible, choose one priority at a time, and don't overcomplicate things, are what I come back to every time.  >Sigh< I give myself very good advice, but when--oh when--will I ever learn to follow it?

Click here to watch the classic Yooouuutuuube Alice video!  Got to go full screen with it.  Guaranteed to drive you nuts, but in a totally good way!!!

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