Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reaching for the Sun

New growth in the new year

Something I never seem to have enough of

I would have written yesterday, but was taking pictures of product for my Etsy shop aaaaalllll day, and then spent the evening learning how to use Google Calendar.  I vow that this year I'm going to keep all my to do lists on the computer instead of on my regular kajillion post-it notes that end up everywhere...

So I'm supposed to have a "mission" statement to present here, instead of just my usual rambling mode.  I can already feel my resistance to the word "mission" statement rising.  It feels so boxy, like I'm being reined in, corralled, confined.  Or maybe like then I'll have to keep to my word, if I write it down.  What if I can't keep all my promises???

I did write out all my reasons for making my craft--the passion and inspiration behind it, and how I learned it, but think I will leave those for another time.  They seem too cold and formulaic right now, and I'd rather tell them as a story.

Instead, I'll leave you with a few sneak peeks of the new product photos.  They seem to say everything I want to get across so much better than I could in words:

I'm going to try to list one item per day in the mornings before I go to work.  Let's see how long I keep that up!

Peace and good wishes to all in the New Year!


  1. Hi Ivy! Love those images of thyme seedlings! I too struggle with writing when it's for something a big & important like a "mission statement". I've found it better to let the thoughts muddle thru my head, and then just write. At some point, a sentence or two pops out that belongs in the important category...and when you're blogging, it's only a cut & paste away from there! Happy Day!

  2. I used to use post it notes then one time I forgot that I had been excepted to a craft fair and missed out on going and did not get my money back! Now I use google calender for all that stuff!

    Zoe from 52 weeks of blogging.

  3. don't fear the mission statement ;) it's one of those things - like google calendar & making lists - that seems like it will hold you back & keep you down but it really frees you because you are more focused on your purpose & goals.

    that being said, i love the idea of you telling your mission as a story. that's something i'm trying to do more of at scoutie girl this year - so far, so good! looking forward to following along.