Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sightseeing in Vancouver--Part I

It has been a whirlwind last few days, starting with Jon's dad dropping us off at LAX before 9:00 Monday morning for a flight at noon up to Vancouver, Canada.  Even though the flight was short and WestJet service was good, we were pretty drained by our day in two airports and 36,000 foot altitude, plus a bonus surprise visit to customs.

We were picked up at the airport by Jon's cousin, who took us to the place we are staying / house- and cat-sitting.  On the 28th floor, the view looks out over False Creek and Granville Island.  Verrrrrrrry nice--see?

On Tuesday, we walked through downtown Vancouver to Stanley Park.  It was a little cold, but not rainy, so I was able to take plenty of pictures.  You can see the full slideshow here.

Wednesday we decided to hit the Farmers Market on Granville Island, which was lots of fun, but dangerous--we had some serious sensory overload!  We started out by taking the False Creek Ferry over, then just walked around and looked at all the shops.  Finally, we went inside the market and did some grocery shopping.  Gorgeous pictures of our day are right over here.  We finished up our afternoon by walking to the Vancouver Central Library and being amazed by the grand architecture and massive collection of books.  An unplanned stop at JapaDog made our evening complete!

By Thursday it was raining for pretty much the whole day.  We went to visit the University of British Columbia (UBC), planning to see the botanical gardens and other features, but instead decided to spend the whole morning indoors at the Museum of Anthropology, which gave us plenty of opportunities to practice our amateur photography skills.  Nice that they have a pass that covers all the different sights and you don't have to use it all in one day!  Enjoy my slideshow of pictures from the museum--I hope I selected a nice representation of the 1000's of artifacts and objects they have from all over the world.

So today is Friday, and we decided to take it easy, giving me a chance to catch up on my vacation blogging!  I hope you enjoyed a vicarious visit to the north with me.  Check back soon for part two!


  1. I want to go visit Canada some day. Those mountains are beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Isn't the view incredible? I can't wait to see Vancouver in other seasons, too.

  3. That stand of fruit is scrumptious! Nice to meet you :)

  4. I love that photo of the mountains, the water, and the city tucked in between! That is just gorgeous. It must have been pretty awesome to see it in person!!
    Thanks so much for leaving the nice comment over at my blog, Beach Cottage in the Desert. The comments over at Apartment Therapy truly were nasty. I commend you for teaching your children to not leave negative messages and comments to people online. You should never say online what you wouldn't say to someone's face. But that's just what this world is coming to. A lot of people don't care if their words and actions are hurtful.
    Thanks again for visiting my blog. It was good to have met you! :)

  5. Vancouver looks gorgeous! I've never been to Canada. Would love to go sometime. Beautiful pictures.